Dr. Abdullah Albassam

BDS, DMSc , Endodontist

Consultant of Endodontic.

Clinical certificate and doctorate degree - Harvard University.
Research Fellow - The Forsyth Institute.
Assistant Professor - Department of Endodontics - King Abdulaziz University.

8:30 - 12:30 AM Workshop

Monday Workshop, 9th Mar

Next Level Endodontics: Strategies for Safe and Successful Treatment; Hands on course


This is a four hours module in Endodontics designed for general dentists and endodontists to gain confidence in performing endodontic treatments and to move a step forward towards challenging cases.

The course is primarily a hands-on workshop for practicing modern techniques of shaping of the root canal system with the innovative Reciproc reciprocating Endo system. The workshop involves step-by-step demonstration of procedures followed by a hands-on workshop.

Learn about new technologies, techniques & hints to take your endo procedures to a new professional level.


  • Locating root canals, basic science, clinical applications and hands-on workshop
  • Negotiating and shaping moderate to severely curved root canals – advanced tools and techniques
  • Identifying and avoiding potential complications during root canal shaping