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The SES was established In 2010, and since that time it has continued to become a well known Society, this will not happen without the support and cooperation of everyone, and we as  board members of this Society, will work hard to fulfill our promise to you, for further development and expansion for the advancement of the profession of endodontics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Endodontic Society


is dedicated to advancing the art and science of endodontics and to promoting the highest standards of patient care. The SES’s success is driven by the exceptional work of its volunteer leaders and diverse membership.


To be the leading professional body for endodontists to elevate the standard of endodontic care, public awareness and safety.


Promote excellence in patient care through evidence-based endodontic practice among dental professionals, and supporting public and legislative advocacy.


  • To develop and promote educational activities for health workers in endodontic care.
  • To participate in spreading public health awareness and to provide support for endodontic patients.
  • To develop professional and scientific practice of the Society members.
  • To ease the exchange of research outcomes and scientific ideas between local and international agencies and institutes concerned.
  • To participate in formulating plans related to renal diseases and transplantation.
  • To promote the highest quality of care for patients with endodontic diseases.

Key facts

– The Saudi Endodontic Society was formed in 2010

-Founder member and first president: Dr 

Warm greetings everyone!

President Message

Dear Visitor,

Assalaamu alaikum & Greetings.

The Saudi Endodontic Society (SES) was founded in 2010, under Saudi Commission for Health Specialties(SCFHS) , regulates health care-related practices and accreditation at all levels in Saudi Arabia.

We at the SES  aim to promote the prevention and treatment of root canal path through leadership, education research and scientific communication.

Our goal is to impart scientific knowledge in the Endodontic  field. We have an accessible team dedicated to improving the root canal care. To help accomplish this purpose, the Society is committed in organizing activities which include workshops, courses, seminars, and international conferences. These activities have been highly successful, reflecting the commitment and contributions of the society’s activities.

Whether you are a member, prospective member or simply an information seeker, we want your experience to be enriching while visiting our website, wherein you shall find an exhaustive Q&A / FAQs section in Arabic discussing the root canal Treatment. Further to this end our website would be used as an important portal for communication between the society and its members.

Best regards,
 Dr. Khalid abdulaziz Merdad
President, SES  Scientific Board

SES team

SES Executive Board Members

Dr. Khalid abdulaziz Merdad

Vice – President

Dr. Ibrahim Rshood AL-Qwizany

Board Member

Dr. Abdullah Ali AlSharif


Dr. Sahar M. Altuwaijri

Board Member


Board Member

Dr. Soud Mohammed Orfali

Board Member

Dr. Abdulrahman Saeed Alghamdi 

Board Member

By joining the SES you become part of a community of dentists who share an interest in endodontics.

we work for Better community Health Care...